Daily Quests

The daily quests are challenges that players will have to complete every day. These challenges are photo challenges instead of video.

Unlike the video challenges, the daily quests will be validated by the other players that will have to complete their own daily quests, so this will ensure a fair validation method because if you validate incorrectly some other daily quests or you don't complete correctly your daily quest, you will not receive the corresponding reward.

Every day a daily quest will be assigned randomly to the players, that will have to pay their price for participate (in ECs). If the player isn't comfortable with the challenge assigned to him, he can change it randomly only once. His challenge needs to be validated positive at least for the 50,01% of the votes of the other players.

After completing the photo challenge assigned, in order to complete the entire quest, the player should validate at least 20 daily challenges from the other users, but ensuring they make it good and make the same vote as the majority of the other players.

If the player completes all these points successfully, at 00:00h of the next day (in UTC timezone) he will receive the previous daily reward.

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