The Platform

Nergame is a multimedia platform dedicated to interactive entertainment and focused on today's public.

The platform's working is very simple. Exists 2 types of users, the players, and the viewers.

The players are the users in charge of doing the challenges and stream it live through their mobile phones.

The viewers are the users in charge of seeing these challenges, live but also deferred, and can vote on these challenges.

To see the challenges is enough to download the app and access to given challenges through it, no registration is needed. However, to be able to vote for these challenges, it is required to register on the app and login with any one of the social methods allowed (Google, Facebook, Twitter ...), to avoid the fraudulent use of the platform.

To be able to make these actions exists the concept called Events. These events have a determined period and contain a certain number of challenges that are changing to every event. These events have a specific thematic focused on the type of challenge that the players should deal with.

To be able to participate in these events, the players should subscribe by paying the given NERC quantity.

During the challenge time, the viewers can sponsor a player paying a certain NERC quantity, this grants the privilege to the viewer to interact with the player through the chat during his live streaming.

When the event finishes, a period of 3 days is given where the viewers can see the deferred challenges made by the players and emit their votes.

When this visualization period finishes, the event is closed and gives a ranking as a result of all the players' scores, where the three best players obtain their rewards.

Also, we have the daily quests, that are challenges to be done by our players, but instead of video, they have to complete it in photo. These daily quests have some benefits for the users that complete them.

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