Official Nergame Whitepaper

Nergame is an interactive entertainment platform where the users can create, interact, and share between them trying to overcome different challenges while they share it with their mobile phones in live streaming.

Nercoin is a digital resource, transferable, and not tangible saved in a Binance Smart Chain smart contract. Can be acquired by buying a digital token of type BEP20 called Nercoin (NERC). Nercoin also can be used to make any kind of buy around the world, and also for goods and digital services.

For the initial ICO of NERC we used a token called Nercoin created in WAVES network given the low commissions of this network. Once the first phase of the project finished, we created a smart contract to change the NERC assets from the WAVES token to the BEP20 token in the Binance Smart Chain network.

We have launched NERC on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because with the actual Ethereum fees, is the best option to trade cryptocurrencies.

These days, people search for different funny mechanisms based on different digital technologies. There are a lot of platforms that allow anyone to share its content with other people to see it, but, unfortunately, only the most famous people can make it work and win benefits to living from his content.

To solve that, Nergame offers a competition system between users where the people can publish his feats to the rest of the users, and get big benefits, based only on his talent.

This document tries to describe the project, it is functioning, and also its philosophy.

Our vision

From Nergame we want to give the opportunity to every type of person to change their lives and get a new way that only will depend on his skill, his dexterity, and his insight, allowing them to make that his way of life.

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