Buying NERC & ECs

To be able to participate in the different Nergame events, it is required to have a previous in-game currency called EC (Epic Credits) that must be exchanged using NERC. All the subscriptions and the rewards use this EC currency and will be able to be exchanged by NERC, so they will generate high demand in the market.

As a viewer, it is also necessary to buy NERC and EC to be able to sponsor the desired players. The player gets a 70% of this sponsorship and the platform gets the remaining 30%.

To be easy to buy NERC for our users, we will provide something similar to a one-click method to buy NERC directly from the platform, but obviously at the same market price. We reserve 20% of the NERC total supply to do that.

The exchange rate to buy ECs with NERC will be the next: 1 NERC = 100 EC. This rate can be changed a little bit (-+ ~15%) in the future to ensure good sustainability.

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